Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Let Us Help You to Become a Buy to Let Landlord

Both Bristol and Exeter Mortgages Online have excellent arrangements with many specialist Buy to Let lenders that are often only accessible through Independent Mortgage Brokers like ourselves.
 We can help you from the very beginning to become a Buy to Let Investor, plus we can recommend experts that we work closely with.

We will help you to:
  • Find the best Buy to Let Mortgage
  • Arrange for you to meet specialist Accountants for setting up your business and tax advice.
  • Recommend experienced, professional and good value Solicitors for conveyancing.
  • Put you in touch with Brokers for Landlord and other Insurance products.
  • Help you source Investment Properties throughout the UK.
This will all start with a Free Consultation with one of our Expert Mortgage Advisers.
What is a Buy-to-Let property investment?
Buy-to-let investment is very different from owning your own home. When you become a landlord, you are effectively running a small business – one with important legal responsibilities.
Is a Buy to Let Investment Right for Me?
A buy-to-let property investment may be right for you if you:
  • Prefer investments that feel more tangible than stocks and shares
  • Are willing to tie up your money for a long period
  • Understand property prices can go down as well as up
  • Are willing to take the risk that you may not earn a profit on your investment
  • Understand and accept the costs and time involved in owning and running a property and the impact that this will have on your potential return
We always recommend that you take specialist advice from a qualified Accountant. We have a number of specialist partner Accountancy practices that we work closely with, who will offer you advice at referential rates. The kinds of consumer protection that cover most other investments don’t apply to buy-to-let properties. So, it is even more important to find out everything you can before you commit to a property and a mortgage.
For more information please click the link and download our free Let Us Help You Become a Buy to Let Landlord guide
You can also visit our Buy to Let pages

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